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Ozone in Dentistry

Ozone is a molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen. It is produced naturally by lightning and by various industrial processes. Ozone can be used in dentistry with no side effect and no contraindications with other medicine or any medical disorders the patient may have.

Here are a few ways in which Smilez Dental Care Group  uses ozone therapy:

1. Rinse and gargle with ozonated water:  This is used to treat oral abscesses, periodontal problems, sore throats, and ulcerations. Ozonated water is available for use in all the operatories of Smilez Dental Care for irrigation.

2. Naturally Reverse Tooth Decay: Ozone when used in early carious lesions can reverse initial dental decay.

3. Prevent tooth decay and maintain periodontal health with ozone. A custom tray is made that fits over the teeth and gums. Ozone gas is passed into the tray for a period of time and the treatment is repeated every few months. There are no side effects or chemicals involved.A combination of Pure Medical Grade Oxygen and Ozone, along with Ozonated Water is used

4. Disinfect  of tooth with ozone:  Before performing a root canal or restoration. The tooth is composed of many tubules that may contain harmful bacteria. Ozonated water and gas can permeate these tubules and kill the bacteria, fungus, parasites, viruses within one second. 

5. Prevent a root canal or extraction with ozone:  An exposed nerve is washed with ozonated water followed by ozone gas that often prevents the nerve from dying, thus making a root canal unnecessary. By combining our state of the art laser and nerve regeneration material, we have helped many patient prevent root canal treatments as well as avoid extractions all together.

6. Treat pain in the temporomandibular joint with ozone. We can inject ozone gas directly into the temporomandibular joint for the purpose of killing microorganisms which studies show can be the source for TMJ disorders. It also may reduce the inflammation and promote new cartilage growth. When ozone molecules split into single oxygen atoms, they can react when coming in contact with a contaminant. Ozone is so reactive that it never fails to initiate this reactive activity. The reduction of air borne infections is scientifically proven. (Jakab GJ, Hmieleski RR, 1988, Wolcott JA, et al, 1982). This reaction is all done through the single atom oxidizing the contaminants. As this reaction takes place, it destroys all the contaminants it comes in contact with by changing its physical properties, resulting in contaminant no longer being toxic or able to reproduce. The additional ozone changes back to pure oxygen, thus making it environmentally friendly.

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