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Laser Caries Detector

This amazing state of the art technology helps detect dental caries at the earliest possible stage so that the most appropriate treatment can be presented to you.

Our Laser Caries Detector has a fluorescent, eye-safe laser that finds cavities which lie beneath the surface of the tooth. There are often cavities that x-rays and the explorer do not find. This advanced technology helps to preserve a greater amount of your tooth structure by uncovering dental decay before it progresses too far.

Recent study showed that Dentist missed 70% of decay when using just their naked eye and dental explorer to detect decay!! The laser caries detector is soon becoming a must have for dental disease diagnosis. It takes the guess work out of diagnosis and finds cavities even before they become visible to the naked eye!!

"Early detection is key towards preventing future destruction"

We proudly offer Diagnodent at our convenient location in Rockville, MD.Diagnodent allows Dr. Kalpna Ranadive to catch more areas of decay sooner and with more precision. Further, it requires no x-rays, and is a relatively comfortable procedure.