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Digital x-rays are quickly becoming the standard in dental imaging.

Use of Digital X-rays causes 90% reduction in radiation exposure to you my dear patients :-) This is reduces radiation risks in Children, Child-bearing Women and also elderly patients with potential risk for cancer.

At Smilez Dental care we use state of the art X-ray viewing software which helps us detect the decay, bone loss or any other dental disease at a much earlier compared to other dentists who dont have this hi-tech software. With our 20" viewing monitors you, as a patient can actually see what is going on in your mouth and not have to wonder about it.

Plus Digital X-rays are eco-friendly!! Digital X-rays eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals to process the old X-ray films. Less radiation needed to expose the highly sensitive sensor also means less emission of radiation into the enviornment!!

We at Smilez Dental Care are always striving to do our part in reducing the impact of Global Warming and use the technology to reduce any excess radiation going into your body!!

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