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Integrative Natural Holistic Solutions

At Smilez Dental Care Group, we believe our body and mouth are connected. Nothing in our mouth shows up as disease without it having a bodily connection. At Smilez Dental Care we incorporate Ayurvedic, Naturopathic, minimalistic and yet Modern computerized 3D technology to prevent and heal most dental problems.


We have successfully reveresed the need of root canals in our practice as well as prevented unnecesary extractions and saved our patients thousands of dollars.


We incorporate health and healing protocols which involve

1. Ayurvedic Techniques

2. Naturopathic healing methods

3. Ozone Therapy

4. Safe Mercury Removal protocols.

5. Natural Mouthwashes

6. Restructuring of your daily health maintenance protocols.

7. One Visit  CAD-CAM ceramic technology

8. Lasers

9. Natural Tooth Decay reversal protocols.

10. More......


We realize no one has exactly the same problem and hence we believe in customized dental care solutions.


We welcome you to call us at 301-738-1074 or 75 or email us at


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