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One Visit Ceramic Crowns. Fillings. Inlays -3D

One Visit or Single Visit Denstistry


At Smilez Dental Care, we believe your time as well as our time is precious. Thus we have invested in latest Computerized and Robotic 3D technologies to make dentistry, fast, precise and fun. Smilez Dental Care is amidst Worlds Top 1% dental practices which blends technology with holistic methods to bring about One Visit Dental Visits for our patients.

Dental Restorations especially larger ones like crowns, inlays, or onlays usually take 2-3 weeks to complete due to involvement of laboratories to make them. With our In-House Digital Dental 3D Lab, we have been able to start and finish crowns, inlays or implant restorations in one single visit.

Why take time off from work or your family when the technology allows you to go on with your life than sitting in a dentist chair. ?

  Old Crowns

Smilez Dental Care  Hi-tech Holistic Approach

3 D Digital Crowns or Inlays or Onlays

Time to complete  2week to 3 months  45 mins to 3 hours  
Precision Hand Made 3D computerized, CAD-CAM made - Super Precise  
Impression Process  Gooey material filled mouth dripping or stuck for 3-4 months with mouth open Digital 10-30 seconds imaging  
Time off from work  Multiple 2-3 hour visits  1-3 hours one time  
Multiple teeth at one time  Takes more time and more visits  Yes possible when planned well  
Temporary crowns needed Yes. Always! No! As it is all done in One Visit!
Metal Free May or May not be Metal Free 100% Metal Free, All Ceramic  



So What is your Choice of Treatment? Old Multiple Visit or New 3D One Visit Dentistry?


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